Arron SparksArron Juggling

Arron set out to avoid growing up and getting a real job. Using his wits, charm & skill with a Yo-Yo he managed to talk his way onto a degree course at The National Centre for Circus Arts, where he graduated with a juggling and Yo-Yo act.

Since graduating in 2008 Arron has performed at multitude of events and venues across the globe, working as a solo artist, ensemble member and regular in the Gandini Juggling. More recently Arron has developed his own company – Circus Geeks. Arron has also dabbled in video making, app creation and blogging.

Arron loves sharing and discovering new ideas. Many of which are connected by his interest in Yo-Yo, juggling, circus, skateboarding, video making, technology, logical/rational/skeptical thinking and learning, marketing and performance.

Arron became interested in Yo-Yo in the crazy of 1998 and was possibly the only child in the UK not to give up at some point. Logic might suggest that with all the practice he’d be the best in the land at playing with the Yo-Yo but sadly this is not the case.  But Arron did go onto set up the British Yo-Yo Association, 4 Guinness World Records in Yo-Yo and write a solo show about a children’s toy.

Arron now performs for a living and enjoys writing autobiographies on his websites and blogs.

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