See a world you never knew you could fall in love with.


Down-Up challenges the idea that the Yo-Yo is merely something that comes out of a cracker.

The piece gets down to the nitty-gritty of finger callouses and untying knots, and the fanatics whose lives have been shaped by Yo-Yo just as they have shaped the art-form; showing that a Yo-Yo is for life, not just for Christmas.

From the darkest of conspiracies to the heroic Filipino emigrant who made his fortune in the 1930s, through to the professional demonstrators who toured UK in the 1950s, and how technological advances have helped create a subculture of 1000s of obsessive adults across the globe today.

Arron, the first british entrant to the World Yo-Yo Contest in a generation, first picked up a Yo-Yo in the craze of the mid ’90s. When others moved on to Pokemon and Tamagotchis, Arron stuck with the Yo-Yo,  lost his first Yo-Yo contest in 1999 and hasn’t looked back since.

In Down-Up Arron shares his unusual passion that has secured him multiple international circus awards, 4 Guinness World Records.

Down-Up is perfect for those looking to program theatre/ performance in unusual small spaces that do not traditionally host live events.

Such as a shop after opening hours…