After the 1998 craze yo-yo disappeared in the UK. It became increasingly difficult to get hold of good Yo-Yos, shops became desperate to get rid of old stock which took up shelf space and collected dust. There were some great bargains to be had by the end of 1999 but the idea of seeing new models of Yo-Yos on store shelfs was laughable, even in the specialist shops.

And so the internet solved a problem and up sprung the popularity of the independent online store.

I was at the UK 2001 Southern Regional Yo-Yo Contest and Jamie handed me a Super SpinFaktor. It was the future in my hand and made my Turbo Bumble Bee look particularly out of date, binds were on the rise and spin time was becoming less of an issue on each release of the latest and greatest -not that I had seen any of them in person.

YoYoJam were at the forefront of design. Releasing signature yo-yos that were significantly more than just a change in the graphic design. Supporting a team which to me was full of unknowns who would in the future go on to win national and world titles, set records, become National Masters and fundamentally define an era.

Plastic/metal hybrid construction, O-ring response, larger bearing, I could go on. YoYoJam pushed design and supported a team, were generous contest sponsors and did so much good in the most important decade to Yo-Yo since Pedro got things going.

I was lucky enough to be on Team YoYoJam for a few years, I didn’t deserve my place. YoYoJam was a great company and I’m very sad to see it go. I wish Dale, Valerie and the others all the very best. Thanks for contributing to something I love so much.


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