Ernest MonteYo

I used to watch a video on VHS a lot. My copy was blurred, distorted and black and white. I watched it all the same.

About 6 years ago I had a discussion in a pub with Jon Udry about which famous classic jugglers were still performing, which had retired and who had past away.

Jon thought Ernest Montego had passed away and I wasn’t sure, we went to the go to authority on such subjects, the late (oh the irony – he must have planned it) Luke Wilson. Turned out Ernest was still alive and going strong. 

Yesturday Ernest Montego was in the audience of the variety show I’m currently working in. He was a generous, charasmatic guy. Full of kind words and great anecdotes. Working in the Moulin Rouge, hiring helicopters and becoming the official juggler of a palace.

I wish that more of these legends I occationally meet would make full shows/documentaries/podcasts/books about their life, their experience. So much history in thier talented hands.

Sadly Ernie passed away on the 21/4/2016

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