Down-Up is mid Brighton Fringe (BF) run, so far it’s been an interesting experience.  

 As I suspected, convincing adults to see a Yo-Yo show is somewhat of a hard sell. 

Momentum is slowly building and ticket sales are picking up but I’m far from selling out each night. Given the capacity is 20 this is not ideal. Not disastrous either, I’m getting the unusual venue (Oddballs, a juggling shop after opening hours) for free so the pressure isn’t as massive as it would have been if I were on a more traditional ticket sales model. On the flip side (see you there) perhaps ticket sales would be up if I were in an established venue.

After posters, flyers, being listed, travel etc. I am losing money every show. But I knew this would be the case before I signed up. The reasons for me doing the BF was/is to see how my current marketing ideas might play out and more importantly, a chance to perform the show and develop it. 

Over the half dozen times I’d performed Down-Up before the Fringe I’d substantially changed it so this run is a chance to tweak the show in a consistent environment. Making easier to understand what effect the changes make to the show, trying to be more scientific in approach.

Down-Up has already grown, I’m understanding the timing and drama in the text a little better. I’m aware of changes I need to make, new material I need to create. There are issues with the underlying structure and pace of the show that with a little tinkering will make it considerably better (I think). 

On some of the nights I’ve had a guest slot for a warm up act, doing 5-15 mins of whatever they want. So far these have been really special and helped the evening as a whole, giving nice contrast to the main event. I’m looking forward to see what the next spot brings.

I’m enjoying the BF but anxious to find more audience, to test and learn. If you’re going to Brighton in May see Down-Up and let me know what you think.

radiating contagiously nerdy delight

Here’s a review from the Fringe Guru, probably very accurate in its critique:

Tickets for Down-Up are avalible here:

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