Bunny Martin

Bunny Martin is a professional yo-yo performer and Past World Yo-Yo Champion winner. Bunny won the World Yo-Yo Championship in Toronto Canada when he was 16 years old. Since 1972 Bunny has been performing and entertaining at conventions, schools, churches and various companies. He performs yo-yos, Magic and comedy. He is an ambassador for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and was inducted into the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Hall of Fame in 1998. He has performed for the NFL as well as for Major League Baseball Teams.
I won the first (and last) World Championship contest in Toronto Canada sponsored by Cherrio Yo Yo Co.  500 contestants @  arena and I won. $2500 and a plaque. I was from Houston, TX at the time.   Had my pic in a lot of papers and even worked with the Cherrio Co for 18 weeks following the contest.
Cherrio and Duncan were the competitors and Cherrio went under  (perhaps because of the expense the company had in promoting the World Contest).For 50 years I presented programs using the yo yo as my main attraction, even though everyone said I would starve to death and that no one would book me.  I yo yoed  In college, in the Army and as a self employed Speaker/Entertainer.
Performed for Chamber of Commerce, University sports banquets,  cruises, trade and television shows, NFL Football teams and assortment of other programs. Only publicity sent out were 25 letters to people that I knew in a position to get the word out.
We handled all decisions for bookings, except when a couple of agencies would make requests that we wanted to do.
Married to my wife, Mary Etta for 56 years and have 2 grown sons and 9 grandchildren. None have pursued the yo yo track.
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