On the least romantic day of the year I perforemed the latest reworking of Down-Up. It was a modest audience in the Tristan Bates theatre, which is in a great location but didn’t seem to attract much of an audience. Or I don’t. Or more realsitically neither does and neither does on Valantines day.


Changes to Down-up include cutting some of the more questionable and slow martieral to help give the show some pace. This has the negative effect of making the show shorter, something I’m trying to change. Current run time is still 35mins.

One section I cut was a bit where I’d talk through a selection of my Yo-Yo collection. I decided that it didn’t give any new materail or information about the character or add dramatic change in the over all arch of the show. It was just more information about Yo-Yos and if there’s one thing Down-Up lacks it’s not facts about Yo-Yos. So that sections been calculatingly cut like a tangled Yo-Yo string which has started to fray. I’m hoping to still make use of my ever growing Yo-Yo collection by making an interesting piece of set and touring the Yo-Yo museum along side the show.

I’ve added a decade to the history section of the show, based on my research on the 1930s Yo-Yo era in the UK. While the potentical in the martieral is definatly there and I feel like I’m moving in the right direction I still have a way to go. My only worry is that making that heavily text section of the show longer is that the overall dynamic is still a bit odd. Perhaps I need to add in an abstract element to break up the feel of the show a little? More work to be done.

Recently I’ve been inspired by Ed and his never ending supply of new Yo-Yo tricks performed on a traditional style Yo-Yo and Shu’s recent display of two Yo-Yo mastery coupled with acrobatics and more much energy that I thought was possibe and the global Kendama scene which seems to be thriving.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve tracked down a forgotten World Yo-Yo Champion, had a kind e-mail from someone heavily referenced in the show (not Art Pickles -one can dream) and started touring with my other show, Beta Testing.

Brighton Fringe tickets have just gone on sale. Come and see the show, you might be supprised and you will learn something. I guarantee it*.

*terms and conditions apply.

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