I went into a church
Where nothing was there.
I saw further on
A little monk in a corner
Who was giving confession to three women
With a glass in his hand,
Starting with the youngest,
Because she stayed the furthest away.
And he says to the other two,
Come back tomorrow, Tomorrow at the same time
Or a little earlier in the morning,
We’ll go and hather hazelnuts
And drink some wine.
Published for treble voices, but I always intended it to work if the men formed a baritone line and took the “soli” part. A romper stomper of a French Canadian folk song, full of call and response. Although the score has parts for several percussionists, as well as body percussion from the singers, it can all be replaced by one good drummer with a snare drum and brushes. From the tradition of the “merry monks”, the song is in colloquial Canadian French, and recounts the unorthodox style of a “p’tit moine” who likes a glass of wine while he gives confession. Designed as a barnburner, the piece goes lickety split with a raucous edge. On the easy side of advanced..

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