Lost Yo-Yo

I was searching through the British Library and found this nugget. Apparently it was banned due to the double-entendres.

BILLY COTTON & HIS BAND (1932): Lost My Little Yo-Yo! / W Kemp ; F Shuff.

In tern this song reminded me of losing my actual Yo-Yo…


I had wanted a Cold Fusion as soon as I heard about them. It was a metal version of my treasured Turbo bumble Bee but at £125 it was well out of my price range or parent nagging ability. But once the Yo-Yo boom in 1998 faded I managed to pick one up for the bargain price of £40 from Airtime.

I took it everywhere with me but at the end of one day I got home and it wasn’t there. I was pretty upset as I’d worked a paper-round to save for the Cold Fusion. I had to pass off stacks of  unread free paper to the local recycling before I can pretend I’d delivered what was essentially junk mail, like I was supposed to.

About 4 months on I was walking the paper-round route and something golden caught my eye from behind an electrical box next to a garden wall in the street.

It was my Cold Fusion Yo-Yo and we lived happily ever after. (Apart from this)

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