How We Got Here

In Down-Up I use a classic track that taps into ‘flash back mode’. It’s the start of the show and I want to make it easy for the audience to get on board, as later it gets a bit more demanding. I use the track Baba O’Riley by The Who. It’s played under the intro text that sets up my history and how I’ve ended up on stage.

I knew I’d lifted this idea from somewhere but wasn’t sure of the source. I watched comedian Tony Law and noticed he used the same track in his show and wondered if I’d somehow lifted it from him without knowing.

But digging a bit deeper I found where I had first seen this done.

It was from Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III. By the nature of the show I was sure that Robot Chicken (RC) in turn would be referencing something and even the first time I saw the episode it already felt familiar.

A bit more searching and I discovered this thread where the references to this into was discussed. Some thought American Beauty was the direct link and this trailer does indeed seem very similar to RC.

But it turns out there wasn’t one single source for the RC intro. It’s a combination of many films and TV episodes, that’s why it seems so familiar, it’s an accumulated nod to the style of the ‘How We Got Here’ structure.

More on that here:

Always nice to know who you’re ripping off being influenced by.

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