Story Structure

20140705-123625 pm-45385319.jpg

I’ve recently been reading a lot about story telling and structure, which was triggered by recently finishing ‘Think Like a Freak‘ by Freakonomics authors Stephen J Dubner & Steven D Levitt.

I love the way they use stories to illustrate their points which are also backed up by data and studies (after all they are not presenting their ideas as theatre). In the past I’ve been skeptical of story telling as a way of convicting an audience about an issue. There are dangers of treading on the anecdotal and cheaply pulling on emotion but story telling with a logical/scientific underpinning makes sense.

I Learnt more about story structures and problems from Creativity Inc and I also discovered a short video from a lecture by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. It reminded me of a lesson or two I did with the late Luke Wilson on routine structure when I was at circus school.

All interesting things to consider and steal from when I come to edit Down-Up.

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