First outing

20140624-011642 pm-47802650.jpg

I spent 5 days at the Roundhouse working on Down-Up, getting it ready for its initial public outing at Glastonbury festival. Rather than creating new material I spent the time practicing lines and working on the mechanics of performing the piece with Richard McDougall. Richard was the perfect outside eye, his understanding of theatre with in the context of a skill (his background is in magic) made him particularly easy and useful to work with.

The piece I’m presenting to the public is a reduced version of the show, currently coming in at 30mins. For now I’ve cut the scenes which go into memes and crazes, they are still in development and will hopefully be ready by the end of the summer.

In the mean time I’ve enjoyed researching skill toys and fell in love with Stacker, a documentary which I can’t recommend enough.

If you’re in Glastonbury festival this week come and see the show:

Down-Up premieres in Astrolabe Theatre- Fri 18:10, Sat 18:25, Sun 14:20

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