Down-Up R&D Days 6-10

3 hours on the train to get to know Poppy who had kindly agreed to work with me for three days on Down-Up.

I’d met Poppy Burton-Morgan last year, I was compering a Lab:Time circus scratch night at Jacksons Lane, she directed Monkey & Crocodile, a piece that was to tour playgrounds. It featured ariel work, some juggling and skateboarding so it caught my interest straightaway.

3 days spent working on the script that I’d put together with Michael Bell the week before. Poppy helped clean up the script, jiggle with the order of the show and bring out some character and physical staging of the show.

We had nostalgic nice fish & chips and sea-side walks, which were a great way to get ideas going and dissecting scenes. I can see why Steve Jobs was such a fan of meetings on the stroll.

The Marine Theatre has a lovely community around it and can sometimes ask favours to some of its supporters. The unfortunate John and Penny had to put up with me for a few days. It turns out John had played Tiddlywinks for England so I enjoyed spending a hour with him quizzing him on his competition years.

I spent the Thursday on my own, editing slides and running various parts of the show. In the evening I watched a performance of For Their Own Good by The United Artists. I found the piece really interesting, I particularly enjoyed the subtle dig at homeopathy. I met the company after in the Marine Theatre bar (possibly the best theatre bar ever!) after and enjoyed chatting to them about their process and timetable, they seemed like a really nice company.

And then Friday came.

I performed a 30min work-in-progress. I was glad to share my ideas and get the feeling that I’m onto something, along with some really useful feedback. Can’t wait for the next step, not quite sure what that is yet…

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