Art Pickles

Everything I currently know about Art Pickles


The legendary stare and posture of Art Pickles

Art Pickles (full name Arthur Pickles) was a yorkshireman who most likely was involved in the Yo-Yo industry from it’s birth in the 1920s. Art worked as a professional Yo-Yo demonstrator and was advertised as a ‘World Champion’ – although there is no evidence of him ever winning a publicly held contest.

Art worked for Lumar Yo-Yos, running contests and demonstrations. Don Robertson was his junior. Art used to travel the UK promoting Yo-Yos at schools, toy shops and local cinemas.



Arthur Pickles Rocking the baby.

Art visited the US and according to June 18th 1972 edition of Boca Raton News, Art held the world record for Loop-the-Loop at a total of 1269. According to the same article “Eventually Art joined the A.A., and never looped again.” Another paper reports  Art set a record for “the most difficult Yo-Yo trick, the double handed cross-over loop-the-loop” reportedly achieving 1,269 and “suffered no ill after-effects”.

Art had a signature Yo-Yo. It was a whistling model made by Lumar in collaboration with Outspan, an orange juice manufacture. If you collected coupons and sent them off you received the Yo-Yo at a discounted rate.


A photo of Art along side Billy Butlin and three female staff members of Butlins featured in a Lumar Yo-Yo guide.

I’m still on the search for more information about Art so if you have any useful information please get in touch!

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