There is something very personal and special about using a new Yo-Yo for the first time, like you’re setting someone free or making a new friend. So much potential.

I’ve only rediscovered my joy for Yo-Yos in the last few weeks. For several years I didn’t really practice Yo-Yo much, defiantly didn’t actively enjoy it and only kept my skill up to be able to perform my act (which kept me fed and watered).

Changing your tools can often be a good way to get yourself out of a rut, certainly with juggling I enjoy switching my props periodically. I think it helps you pay attention to the details of technique and perhaps discover new options.

 I’ve been more and more excited by a small US company called TMBR. They make crafted wooden Yo-Yos for modern style play, even making them suitable for unresponsive play like some of their metal and plastic cousins. 

They are beautiful pieces with innovative design and a pleasure to work play with. I’ve bought two so far and am resisting the urge to start collecting!

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