Story so far

Not much really. It’s a new show so a new start to a story.

Well I say that, there’s lots of history involved…

I started Yo-Yo in 1998, so I guess that’s a bit for ground work right there.

Also set up the BYYA and modern Yo-Yo contests in the UK in 2002. Probably given me some insight into the subject.

I guess doing a degree in Circus, a performance art and then making a living as a Yo-Yoist and juggler since 2008 has also had some influence on the ideas for this show. Picking up various international circus awards for my act also helped my confidence.

Then performing in Gandini Juggling, talks with Luke and setting up Circus Geeks has also had a large change in my creative outlook.

That’s my story so far.

Arron Sparks

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